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MeetGeek AI automagically records transcribe, summarizes, and shares key insights from every interview. It’s a comprehensive AI solution designed to improve the efficiency of your hiring process and maximize the value of your hiring interviews. Whether you’re searching for new hires or conducting a performance review, MeetGeek AI is an indispensable tool that can help you streamline your interview process, save time, and reduce the risk of human error.

What is MeetGeek AI?

MeetGeek AI is an AI-powered video recording and transcription app that can be used by hiring managers during interviews. MeetGeek AI can automatically capture and transcribe your conversations, saving you time and money. MeetGeek AI’s AI algorithms analyze the input (e.g. the tone of the speaker, the speed of the conversation, and other factors), and then generate a transcript of the entire interview. After the interview, the hiring manager can view the results immediately and share the transcript with colleagues.

How to use MeetGeek AI?

Using MeetGeek AI is easy. Here’s how to get started:

  • Register for a MeetGeek AI account on their website.
  • Choose a category for your interview (e.g., new hire, performance review, employee onboarding).
  • Complete the first interview in the category that interests you.
  • When you’re ready to conduct another interview, click on the category icon and select the interview type, such as new hire, performance review, or employee onboarding.
  • In the next screen, answer the questions that MeetGeek AI prompts you.
  • MeetGeek AI will automatically record the interview and transcribe it.
  • Once the transcript is complete, click the Share button to share it.

In addition to sharing the interview, you can share key insights from the interview, such as:

  • Key takeaways from the interview
  • Your impressions of the candidate
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the candidate

Benefits of using MeetGeek AI

Automation: With MeetGeek AI, you can conduct interviews in minutes, rather than spending hours or days conducting them manually.

Reduce human error: With MeetGeek AI, you can eliminate the possibility of human error, as the AI system automatically records, transcribes, and shares interviews.

Time savings: MeetGeek AI enables you to quickly capture and share the most important information, such as key takeaways, impressions, and weaknesses.

Increased transparency: MeetGeek AI eliminates bias from hiring decisions. It’s powered by AI, so you can be confident in the decision you make. With MeetGeek AI, you can create a more transparent hiring process by sharing and tracking the status of each interview.


Q: Does MeetGeek AI include a voice recorder?

A: MeetGeek AI has a built-in voice recorder.

Q: Does MeetGeek AI have a trial period?

A: Yes, MeetGeek AI offers a free 30-day trial to give you a chance to evaluate the app.

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