Passive Income: Automate Your YouTube and TikTok Content Creation

Are you ready to master the art of earning passive income online? Discover how to automate your YouTube and TikTok content creation process to make $100+/day with ease. This guide will walk you through using AI tools to create viral videos effortlessly. Let’s get started on your journey to passive income success.

Step 1: Extract and Rewrite Viral Scripts

The first step in automating your video creation process is to extract scripts from already successful viral videos. Utilize an AI transcription tool like Dubdub to obtain the script. Once you have it, use ChatGPT to rewrite the script and generate engaging image prompts. This ensures your content is unique yet still follows a proven successful format.

Step 2: Voiceover and Image Generation

Next, you’ll need a compelling voiceover and eye-catching images to bring your script to life. For voiceover generation, 11 Labs is an excellent tool that provides high-quality audio. For images, Deco Here and Leonardo AI are perfect for creating visuals that captivate your audience and complement your script.

Step 3: Assemble and Edit Your Video

With your script, voiceover, and images ready, it’s time to assemble your video. Use video editing software like Filora or Cap Cut to merge all elements. These tools allow you to add captions, choose suitable background music, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your video is engaging and professional. The objective is to create a video that can easily go viral, leading to consistent passive income.

Step 4: Two Methods for Creating Videos

Explore these two efficient methods for creating engaging videos using AI tools:

Method 1: Using Cap Cut and YouTube Library

  1. Upload the Script: Begin by uploading your script to the TikTok app Cap Cut or the YouTube Library.
  2. Export the Video: Once uploaded, export the video.
  3. Customize: Personalize your video by editing subtitles, images, and overlays before downloading the final product.

Method 2: Utilizing ShortMake : Create Tiktok videos with AI

  1. Generate the Video: Use the AI tool to generate a video from your script. Choose your preferred story style, background music, and images.
  2. Render the Video: After making your selections, render the video.
  3. Edit and Download: Customize the final video by editing subtitles, images, and overlays, then export and download it.

Step 5: Engage with Your Audience

After creating your videos, encourage your viewers to share their feedback in the comments. This interaction helps build a community and provides valuable insights into what works best for your audience.


Automating your YouTube and TikTok content creation process is a powerful way to generate passive income. By leveraging AI tools for script extraction, rewriting, voiceover, image generation, and video editing, you can create high-quality, viral-ready videos with minimal effort. Start implementing these strategies today and watch your passive income grow as your videos gain traction online. Embrace the power of automation and take your online earnings to the next level!

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