split screen image

Split Screen image Prompt

Create a split-screen image that juxtaposes two contrasting scenes. On one side, capture the serenity of nature—lush greenery, calm waters, or a breathtaking sunset. On the other side, depict the hustle and bustle of city life—busy streets, towering skyscrapers, or vibrant nightlife. Use these opposing elements to convey a powerful visual narrative that explores the balance or tension between urban and natural environments. Ensure that the composition and colors enhance the impact of the contrast.

Normal / Skeleton A while ago, I shared with you a #Prompt for creating Before After renders in #dalle3.


A wide split-screen image of a high-end professional [Your object], viewed from the front. On the left panel, depict a brand new, sophisticated [Your object] with a sleek design. On the right panel, illustrate the same [Your object] but with the exterior casing removed, exposing the ‘skeleton’ of the [Your object] in a detailed and realistic manner, accentuating the contrast between the fully assembled [Your object]’s exterior and its complex internal technology.

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