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PrayGen AI is an online prayer generator that provides personalized prayers for different occasions and purposes. The prayers come from a database of thousands of verses taken from religious texts, including the Quran, the Bible, and the Bhagavad Gita. Prayers can be created in English or Spanish, and they can be customized by selecting a time of day and an occasion. There are also some pre-made prayers available to use, such as for business meetings, weddings, anniversaries, and more.

What is PrayGen AI?

PrayGen is a prayer generator that incorporates relevant verses from religious texts and is trained to decline inappropriate requests. It works on the basis of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, and the software is updated according to the number of prayers and requests received by the user. PrayGen also contains a prayer library for all major religions and religious denominations. It is available for free.

How to use PrayGen AI?

PrayGen AI is easy to use and straightforward. Here’s how to start:

  • Go to the website or download the app and create a free account.
  • Type your desired occasion in the text box and click the Start button.
  • The app will ask you to select a verse or passage to include in the prayer. Click on the button to do so.
  • The AI will process your request and generate a prayer in just a few seconds.
  • Click on the prayer button and select your preferred language.

Benefits of using PrayGen AI

PrayGen AI offers several benefits for people who want to create a prayer card:

Personalized: PrayGen AI can personalize prayer cards to your needs, preferences, and location.

Easy to use: PrayGen AI is easy-to-use, making it perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Verses: PrayGen AI offers a selection of verses that are relevant to your needs, making it a great choice for those looking for spiritual guidance.

Modern design: PrayGen AI’s modern design makes it easy to share your prayer card with others via social media.


Q: Does PrayGen contain any objectionable content?

A: PrayGen does not contain objectionable content. However, it is advised to check with the local authorities for any religious content before using the app.

Q: How do you select the verse or passage?

A: The app will display a list of verses or passages to select from. You can also use the search function to find the verse or passage.

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