Kreado AI: FREE AI Video Generator

KreadoAI is an AI video creation platform, enabling users to quickly and easily create multilingual oral videos of real or fictional characters by entering text or keywords. KreadoAI provides creators with AI empowerment while remaining free-to-use.

KreadoAI was developed to assist users in creating realistic virtual character animations using AI technology. This platform has been featured on multiple websites such as Product Hunt & AI Tools Arena; these sites consider KreadoAI an AI video creation platform capable of multilingual videos.

Features : For Oral Broadcast Video Creation

More than 70 Real Life Digital Characters, Support of Multilingual Text-to-Speech Synthesis and the Creation of Oral Broadcast Videos.

AI Marketing Copy Generation
Quickly generate multilingual advertising marketing copy to boost marketing effectiveness.

AI Text Dubbing in over 140 Languages.

Create Your Virtual Digital Human Model Quickly without Studio Shoots (Soon to Launch)

KreadoAI is an invaluable tool for creators looking to create multilingual videos with virtual characters using AI technology.

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