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Domo AI, pronounced as “Domo AI,” introduces an innovative platform that allows users to seamlessly transform text, images, and videos into various styles using its advanced AI models. This review will delve into the platform’s features, user interface, and pricing structure, providing insights into its capabilities and performance.

Text to Video, Image to Video, Video to Video:

Domo AI offers a trifecta of transformation capabilities: Text to Video, Image to Video, and Video to Video. The latter, Video to Video, is a unique feature that enables users to apply different styles to their videos. By navigating through the Generate-Video channels on Discord, users can select from five distinct styles within two categories: Anime and Illustration.

Anime Styles:

In the Anime category, users can choose from Flat Color Anime Style, Japanese Anime Style, and Live Anime Style. Each style brings a unique flair to the video, allowing for creative and consistent results. Users can adjust the weighting between the source video and the provided prompt, tailoring the output to their preferences.

Illustration Styles:

The Illustration category offers 3D Cartoon Style and Comic Style, providing diversity in visual aesthetics. Users can opt for the AI to reference the source video more or give precedence to the provided prompt. Additionally, users can select video durations of 3, 5, or 10 seconds, considering both creativity and processing time.

Anime to Real Image:

An intriguing feature allows users to transform Anime into realistic images. By typing /Real and dragging an Anime image into Discord, Domo AI creates remarkably authentic-looking real-person images, showcasing the platform’s versatility and attention to detail.

Text to Image:

The Text to Image feature empowers users to generate images based on prompts. With 18 different styles to choose from, including the impressive ‘Enhanced Realistic Model,’ users can create visually stunning images reminiscent of the given prompt. Upscaling and utilizing the Vary tool add further customization options.

Image to Video:

Domo AI’s Image to Video functionality, accessible by typing /Animate, allows users to infuse motion into static images. By providing motion prompts and adjusting intensity, users can bring images to life, though the level of realism might vary.


Domo AI provides users with 100 free credits to start, offering an opportunity to explore the platform’s capabilities. For those seeking more extensive usage, a basic plan priced at $9.99 per month provides 500 credits, striking a reasonable balance between affordability and usage.


Domo AI emerges as a dynamic platform for transforming media content with its innovative AI models. While generating images remains cost-effective, video generation is relatively more expensive, necessitating prudent credit management. Overall, Domo AI opens up exciting possibilities for creative content generation, and users are encouraged to share their experiences in the comments section. Explore the platform, transform your content, and let the AI magic unfold.

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