10 powerful AI tools to surpass 99% users


A revolutionary tool that uses AI to provide responses based on prompts. Its natural language understanding and generation capabilities make it a versatile solution for various applications, from customer support to content generation.


An innovative Discord-based AI art tool that assists artists in generating creative ideas and designs. Its AI-driven suggestions help artists explore new directions and enhance their artistic process.


A game-changer for virtual meetings, Krisp employs AI to eliminate background noise during calls, ensuring clear and distraction-free conversations. It’s a valuable tool for enhancing communication and collaboration.


This email assistant utilizes AI to prioritize and categorize emails, helping users manage their inbox efficiently. Its intelligent features save time and ensure important messages don’t get lost in the clutter.

5.AI Wallet

A secure multichain crypto wallet enhanced by AI-driven security features. It protects users’ digital assets through advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms, providing peace of mind in the crypto space.

6.Ideas AI

Empowers users with creative startup ideas by analyzing market trends, user preferences, and emerging technologies. It’s a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to explore new business opportunities.


Enhances creative workflows by suggesting content ideas and aiding brainstorming sessions. Its AI-driven insights inspire collaboration and innovation in content creation.


A file reading assistant that uses AI to extract key information from documents, providing quick summaries and insights. It simplifies the process of digesting and understanding complex information.

9.Tweet Hunter

A Twitter growth assistant powered by AI that identifies relevant hashtags, optimal posting times, and engaging content strategies. It’s a must-have tool for individuals and businesses aiming to expand their social media presence.


An AI-enhanced video editing tool that automates tasks like subtitle generation, scene transitions, and video enhancements. It streamlines the video editing process, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

These AI tools collectively offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, showcasing the power of AI across various domains to enhance user experiences and productivity.

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